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About The Modern Macramist


I try to live a relatively eco-conscious lifestyle whenever possible... so I wanted this to be reflected in the products I source and materials I use at The Modern Macramist.
I currently source my cotton rope from a few suppliers in Brampton & Oshawa, Ontario, and in British Columbia. I really believe in using products that I would wear or want hanging in my home so I value the integrity that these rope supplies uphold. I salvage driftwood locally, but try not to take too many pieces (gotta leave those ecosystems in place as much as possible!)
I also like to recycle my packaging. If you're ordering something online, there's a chance it'll arrive at your door wrapped in brown paper with as little plastic as possible. I also try to reuse cardboard boxes wherever possible - please know that these are efforts I take to reduce the amount of waste I create.
The Modern Macramist was created when I felt the need to have more independence and freedom in my life. I come from the Behaviour Therapy field but have always loved creating and crafting - so I began learning how to tie knots ... lots and lots of knots.
Macramé very quickly became something I love as there are always new and fun ways to create something unique and special!